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Tackle Depression with Training? Are we Mental?

With mental health affecting one in four people, it is increasingly becoming a popular topic to tackle. And quite rightly so.

Our input on improving your mental state? Frequent exercise. Not only does regular training massively boost the production of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your brain, but it can also improve your energy levels too, giving you a well balanced day; helping you reduce stress and your overall mood.

With exercise having as much as a positive effect on the mind as antidepressants, we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. We caught up with one of our clients, Paul, whose progress and story has blown us away.

“I started training with Andy five years ago. To be honest, I didn’t start because of weight concerns, I’ve always been in a reasonably fit state. I actually used to be very dismissive of training and exercise, because I didn’t think I needed it. It wasn’t until I attempted to run for a bus, and my legs weren’t willing to move to where my mind already was, that I realised I had a problem; I was far too unfit for a typical 40-year-old and begrudgingly I approached Andy for help.

As well as my questionable fitness levels, I also had painful recurrent back problems that the doctor told me were a result of core strength or rather, a lack of.  

Before joining Pro-Balance, I’ve struggled with anxiety and mental health over the years. About 15 years ago I had therapy and treatment at the time which was an incredible help, but since I do find myself a bit fragile on occasion. Things that were tiny issues felt catastrophic, and it was fair to say that at certain times I didn’t handle situations as well as I could have done. When I started training, one of the first things that I noticed was the positive effect on my mental health. I noticed that after regular exercise, I was able to minimise the stress I found whenever I faced difficulty. I felt like I gained a lot of resilience and exercise helped my mind be a lot stronger as well as my body.

Whenever had a bad few days, I noticed that I always feel better after the gym. I now train twice a week with Andy and thanks to the confidence gained through our one on one sessions, I also attend some weekly group classes.

When I started, I was a scrooge to exercise and didn’t think it was for me. Thanks to the confidence gained from Andy, I had a massive uplift in confidence. I would say my biggest problem, in the beginning, was that I was intimidated by the whole process. For others in the same shoes, I would say; don’t be. For years I said I’d go, I even paid for it every month, but I never showed up. I was under the false impression that because I was unfit, I would be an embarrassment when I found that people in gyms are a lot more accommodating than I first perceived. On the contrary, I found trainers and other gym goers respect and admire it instead of mocking you. The idea that the gym is intimidating isn’t accurate. Once you get over the hurdle of ‘have I got the right to be there?’ You gain the belief in yourself to do so. I am incredibly grateful for the confidence and happiness I have got from Pro-Balance and looking forward to an equally fantastic future.”

If you are looking for alternative ways to give your mood a bit of a boost, why not consider some personal training sessions? Our gym, situated in the heart of Manchester City Centre is easily accessible and gives the perfect location to book a session at a time that suits you. Give us a call today on 01618334777 to find out more.

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