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Personal training

Pro-Balance Health takes a holistic approach to fitness, which is essential for optimal wellbeing. At Pro-Balance, our team is here for you to help you achieve precisely that. Our combined experience will ensure your regime is tailored around your lifestyle and designed to propel you towards your goals, whether you join us for personal training, fitness classes, strength and conditioning, or sports therapy.

Desperate to get back in shape? Skip the crowds and distractions of conventional gyms with our personalised fitness training studio. Pro-Balance provides sports therapy in Manchester and workout classes. We offer the following equipment.

  • Cardio Machines

  • Resistance Machines

  • Extensive Free Weights

  • Circuit Area

  • Specialist Equipment

  • Health Assessment Kit

Our machines are maintained and cleaned regularly, and our trainers offer unique workouts to get your body moving again. We will teach you every motion and technique, giving you confidence and increasing your overall fitness and strength. In addition, we also provide individual changing areas and shower rooms with complimentary toiletries.

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Workout Fitness Classes Manchester


Bootcamp Classes

Join our group boot camp sessions that will work your heart, lungs and every muscle in your body. Our boot camp Manchester classes include warm-up and cool-down activities, bodyweight exercises, jogging, stretching, relays, and partner exercises. Each session is simple to follow and is directed to all age groups and fitness levels. We focus on weight loss, body toning, posture correction, muscle strengthening, and cardiovascular health. Book our fitness boot camp online and show up at your session ready to break some sweat.

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Online Zoom Classes

No time for a workout? Join our online zoom classes today! Designed to accommodate our super busy customers, you can now meet your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.  Our online zoom classes operate on a weekly basis from Monday to Thursday and offer the same intensity and results as our in-studio training.

In-Studio 6 Week Strength and Conditioning Classes

Get back in shape in less than 2 months with our high-performing in-studio workout classes. With a special focus on strength and conditioning, our 6-weeks high-intensity training course has been carefully designed to effectively target problem areas. With a strict workout plan and energetic session, reaching your fitness goals was never this fun. Join us in our studio today!

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Pro-Balance classes are full body weight classes combining high-intensity aerobics and resistance training - with no equipment needed. Each session caters to all age groups and fitness levels and are designed to be easy to follow. We target fat loss, body tone, posture, build muscle strength and enhance cardiovascular and heart fitness.

Monday sessions are more cardio-based with a functional circuit, designed to get you fitter and stronger. Thursday’s sessions are more functional and more Pilates-based. Both classes are designed to help injury prevention.


With our small group classes, we have designed a great 8-week training plan, which will help you learn how to lift free weights safely, transform your body to get lean, and help with injury prevention (no more bad backs, etc). This is a popular course, so early booking is advised.



Partnered with Fulcrum Sport Therapy, we offer a range of sports therapy treatments at our Manchester city centre gym, including sports massage, injury treatment and management, gait analysis and running gait development - to name a few! 

Sports therapy services perfectly complement our personal training and classes.

Nutrition Coaching

What is holding you back from being healthier, losing fat, gaining muscle, or performing better?


For some good nutrition or eating well could be hitting their 5-a-day target for fruit and vegetables, for others it may be to reduce their number of takeaways or for you it may be to plan your meals in advance to save time?


  • Good nutrition will properly control energy balance: calories in vs calories out

  • Good nutrition will provide nutrient density: foods high in nutrients with relatively low calories

  • Good nutrition will achieve health, body composition and performance goals: hitting all 3 = winner!

  • Good nutrition will have honest and realistic goals: see more about goal setting

  • Good nutrition will be sustainable for us to follow it needs to work with you, not against you!


Poor nutrition is what holds many clients back from achieving the desired results they are looking for whether that be body composition or performance outcomes.

Are you looking to improve your food choices and improve your diet?


Jade Mottley is a Manchester based Nutrition Coach with several years of experience working with 1:1 clients looking to improve their overall health and start or continue a weight loss or maintenance journey.


As a Sport Scientist and Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach, Jade is aware of the need to fuel your workouts to help not only improve your performance in workouts, but to help improve your energy levels, sleep quality and mood. Jade is currently studying her Masters in Human Nutrition and delivers her practices from an evidence based approach. She is continually researching health and nutrition topics and looking


To learn more about good nutrition check out my blog: What Is Good Nutrition?

Get in Touch

Looking for a nutrition coach near you? Pro-Balance is based in Manchester City Centre, on just off- Deansgate. Our exclusive, purpose-built studio provides the best fitness classes and a highly motivating environment for personal training. Train with us to achieve your fitness goals faster. Contact us at 07720351898 or email us at

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