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Pull-Up Mate - for home training or just for gyms ?

So the Pull Up Mate , where do we start ?

1st thing a say ::::::

it comes with a great bag , so you can transport the pullupmate to the park or where you want to take it, it is heavy to go a long way , so no public transport,you’ll need to put it in the boot of the car for the park.

To build pull-up mate it’ll take you no more than 5 mins ,it’s very easy to put together and straight forward.

I’ve been looking for a pull up bar in Lockdown and never really wanted one that you put on the door frames , so when I came across this and you see the quality of the bar, it’s definitely the best one in the market, it’s does take up some room, but the feet need to be large for the stability of the platform of pull-up mate.

please take a look at my youtube review:

This is a list of Exercise you can do on the pull up mate:

  1. Pull ups wide grip

  2. Push-ups

  3. Inverted Rows

  4. Chins ( shoulder width/ reverse grip)

  5. Dips

  6. Toe taps

  7. attach rings or trx to the frame to give extra exercises

  8. attach resistance bands also

I’m sure you could find more exercises to do other than just pull-ups.

I’d say it’s a great bit of kit , for learners to advanced, trainers , also great for mobile personal trainers , but in my opinion not to take on holidays.

thanks Ben @ pullupmate also


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