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Pro-Balance in your own home

We know the reasons why our clients train with us in our Manchester city centre Personal Training studio; they love the professional set up, variety of equipment and accountability of a qualified Personal Trainer. We also know the new government guidelines of us staying at home! Therefore, in a time of uncertainty and change, we at Probalance and our clients must additionally adapt and so we are now offering our Personal Training via private or group video calls.

Personal Training and Physical Therapy is a journey that involves both parties to fully commit to the programme and we need to work together now more than ever to improve your health and fitness. Since the announcement of the government lockdown a large number of our clients have continued their fitness journey and working towards their goals and we appreciate them continuing to work with us. Our clients work hard week in week out with us in our private Personal Training gym working on a personalised programme to both improve their physical health and mental health. As coaches it is our role to put your health first and that is why we are now offering to come train you in the comforts and safety of own home using the modern technology of video calls. Despite being physically apart we are right there to guide you on your exercises and correct techniques using video calls just as if you were with us on the gym floor. This maybe a new style of training for you but it is something we have been able to offer our clients before this lockdown.

What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise is not only good for your physical health, but it is great for your mental health too and it can:

  1. Make you feel happier

  2. Help with weight loss

  3. Increase your energy levels

  4. Help with relaxation and sleep

  5. Reduce pain and chronic diseases

The NHS states that it is essential to keep physically active if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life into old age. The benefits of regular physical activity or exercise are that it lowers the risk of:

  1. Coronary heart disease and stroke

  2. Type 2 diabetes

  3. Colon Cancer

  4. Breast Cancer

  5. Osteoarthritis

  6. Depression

What are the benefits of training from home?

  1. Improving your health – exercise is great for both your physical and mental health

  2. Time for you – 30 minutes that is just for you! (We all need this right now!)

  3. Private sessions focused on you – time to work on your own fitness

  4. There is no commute – no parking, no traffic jams!

  5. You can work in a comfortable space – at a pace to suit you

  6. Easy to fit in around your work – you can train at a time to suit you

  7. No comparisons with others – helping to build your confidence

What do I need to train from home?

  1. Just you! We are able to deliver a high intensity workout, just like we did in the gym space but using your own bodyweight, it is amazing just what great results you can achieve

  2. If you have a yoga mat or a towel for comfort that’s great, but if not don’t worry we will adapt exercises as needed for your comfort

  3. Dumbbells / Kettlebells – additional hand or free weights if you have them can be a great addition to your exercise programme but they are not essential. Please don’t feel you need to go out and buy additional equipment right now. Not only are online stores adding premium prices we can deliver a great HIT bodyweight session without them!

Article Written by Jade Mottley

Twitter / Instagram: @Jademottley


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