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More Top Tips For Meal Planning

In the first part we talked to you about the benefits of meal planning. Our Nutrition Coach Jade shared her top tips she gives clients on how to maximise meal prep! Here you will find more reasons and benefits for why meal planning is important.

Why is meal planning important?

There are many benefits to meal planning, here are our favourites:

Say goodbye to wasting food: Making a few extra portions of what you're cooking in the evening is a quick and easy way to prepare lunch for the next day (1,2). If you don't like leftovers, consider how you may adapt them to make them feel less like leftovers. For example, if you roast a whole chicken with root veggies for dinner, shred the remaining chicken and use it the next day for tacos, soup or a salad topping. This strategy is popular among athletes and fitness lovers (4) who keep a close eye on their calorie and nutrient intake. It is also an excellent way to promote weight reduction or get ahead when you don't have enough time (2).

How Do Meal Plans Work

You will be more likely to follow nutritional guidelines if you use a meal planner since you will ensure that you have each food category, such as protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables (4). The Eatwell Guide, shows how much of our overall diet should come from each food group in order to have a healthy, balanced diet, with a person needing carbohydrates and vegetables the most, with smaller portions of protein and dairy. You don't have to reach this balance at every meal; instead, attempt to achieve it over the course of a day or even a week (5).

Tips For Healthy Eating

  • Consider allowing the seasons to influence your food choices. Consuming seasonal

fruits and vegetables allows you to diversify your diet whilst also saving money (1)

  • If you do follow a meal plan, you might be able to avoid compulsive buying when you're hungry (1). However, If you feel a little bit hungry don't be afraid to eat a snack first, even if it's not part of your usual meal planner and snack schedule (1).

  • Never underestimate a quick and easy option and what is more traditional in the English kitchen than beans on toast? Beans are quick and super easy to make, it is also very affordable and a good balanced meal with plenty of carbohydrates and protein (5). It’s a good idea to always have beans in the cupboard, as it will take you less than ten minutes to make and it’s a great idea if you have a busy schedule and not enough time for your lunch!

Examples of quick meal recipes:


Porridge with milk/milk alternative and fresh fruit

Greek or natural yoghurt with banana, berries and cereal (e.g. oats)


Chicken and salad sandwich (wholemeal bread or wrap)

Couscous or quinoa salad with chicken, roasted vegetables and kale


Stir fry – whole wheat noodles, lean meat (chicken, turkey or beef), tofu or prawns and vegetables

Wholemeal pasta with grilled chicken and vegetables in a tomato-based sauce


Unsalted nuts / seeds

Vegetable sticks with hummus

Are you still struggling to meal plan? Don't worry nutrition is complex!!

Do you want to learn more about how you can improve your nutrition and eat healthier? Book in for a 1:1 consultation with Jade our Nutrition Coach today: contact us

Do You Want Some Healthy Recipies?

Come and join our other 600 members on our facebook group Online Recipe Book! Following a variation of recipes will keep healthy eating interesting and fun.


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