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Benefits of adding Kettlebells to your workout

Manchester based Personal Trainer Jade Mottley shares the benefits of why adding Kettlebells into your workouts can help build strength and help you lose weight and she shares her favourite Kettlebell exercises.

What are the benefits of Kettlebell training?

Do you already add Kettlebells into your workout? Whether Kettlebells are new equipment to you or you are looking to add them back into your workouts, let’s explore the benefits of adding these weights into your weekly training programs.

If you are looking for a weight to target your entire body Kettlebells are awesome for working multiple muscle groups - ideal for quick workouts or full body workouts. Not only do Kettlebells work the entire body, they also train different components of fitness at once including strength, cardiovascular endurance and power (1) - sounds good right! Kettlebell exercises when performed correctly can use around 600 muscles and the natural movement patterns can help to burn fat through working the entire body (2).

5 reasons to add a Kettlebell to your exercise program (2):

  1. Improves joint strength and stability resulting in less risks of injury

  2. Increases your ability to move through greaters ranges

  3. Increases force production of power and speed through ballistic movements

  4. Increases muscle size and strength through different training stimulus

  5. Movements based on natural movement patterns

Do you already train with dumbbells and barbells? If so, adding Kettlebells into your workouts can be a great way to target all of the fitness components mentioned above. Because the Kettlebell’s weight is centered away from your hands when working out it is harder to keep under control resulting in you having to work harder during the exercises (1).

Personal Trainer’s favourite Kettlebell exercises

Kettlebells are one of my favourite pieces of gym equipment not only are they great for both gym workouts but also a small piece of kit to store at home for a home workout and can really get the heart rate up! I would always recommend for a beginner to start exercising with body weight first, then Kettlebells are great if you don’t want to invest in loads of equipment or for more advanced exercisers to mix up workouts. Here are my 5 go to Kettlebell exercises:

  1. Kettlebell Swings

  2. Goblet Squats

  3. Single Leg RDLs

  4. Reverse Lunges and Presses

  5. Kettlebell Windmills

If doing these as a workout, after warming up performing 10-15 reps of each exercise for 3-5 rounds can be a great workout. Reps and sets will depend on both your time and fitness levels.

Do you want to learn how to add Kettlebells to your workout safely?

Come join our Head Trainer Andy Jeffries in his 6 week gym based strength and conditioning group course, where you will learn a range of exercises and equipment including Kettlebell swings and deadlifts. This course is delivered at our Manchester city centre private gym based on Jackson's Road just off Deansgate - head to our contact page to find out when our next course starts. See you on the gym floor!


Researched and written by Jade Mottley - Sport Scientist and Nutritionist


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