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Why gym wear and trainers should be on your post-Christmas shopping list

Why gym wear and trainers should be on your post-Christmas shopping list

After Christmas, the sales seem to last way past Boxing Day and even January. And while it’s frustrating to find 50% off on all the things you bought at Christmas, fear not, there’s one thing Santa might have forgotten to bring you this year. That’s right – gym wear!

While it might not sound glamorous or fun, you can thank us later for the suggestion. Instead of forking out for expensive workout clothes after the sales have passed, why not get them during the sales?

The last thing you want is to finally get yourself to the gym after January is over (because the leftover Christmas treats seem to last the entire month), only to find full-cost gym wear is the only thing available. So save yourself the trauma and get to it now!


It might seem materialistic or a bit vain, but let’s be real, it can be a challenge to get yourself to the gym, go on a run, or join a Zumba class without some decent gym gear. It’s not only about how you look either; it’s about being practical.

The quality of the clothes is important, and quality often comes at a cost. Trainers, in particular, are not cheap, and trying to exercise in your converse will leave your feet in agony. Improper trainers can cause long-term injuries. Depending on what type of exercise you decide to take part in, you might also need accessories like a yoga mat or a helmet. And you definitely don’t want to forget to buy a water bottle.

Don’t be scared to shop around on both the high street and online. You can’t afford to buy sub-par products, but you also don’t have to splash the cash to get the best. Look around on sites like hotukdeals to see if you’re missing out on anything.

Be comfortable, stylish, and injury free this year and make sure you have the right gear before exercising. Invest in quality items that will help to boost your confidence and performance no matter what type of exercise you plan to do.

Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, or tone, at Pro-Balance we can help you. Whether you speak to one of our personal trainers or join our January boot camp, there’s a way to stay fit for everyone. Get in touch on 0161 833 4777 to find out more.

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