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Grace's 6 Week S&C Course

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Are you are a beginner to strength training or looking to check in on your techniques when lifting weights?

Recently our client Grace took part in our 6 week strength and conditioning course, she has amazingly shared her experience.

1. Why did you want to join a strength and conditioning class?

My strength isn't very good; I have shaky wrists and can barely carry dinner plates! I also know how important it is to implement strength/weight training for general fitness and health. I wanted to learn how to lift weights properly and to build my confidence, in an effort to feel comfortable doing my own strength training in the gym, without injuring myself or being intimidated by others around me (especially big muscly men!).

2. Had you done anything weights class before?

When I lived in Leeds for university, I decided to sign up to a gym and went fairly regularly (using only cardio equipment) and also attended classes, some of which incorporated strength-training. Whilst I felt more comfortable lifting dumbbells or plates alone, I was unsure and anxious when it came to setting up and lifting barbells in a couple of sessions that involved this. Since the classes were fairly quick and more of a ‘follow-the-leader’-type workout session it was hard to learn and know if I was doing it properly and I found I’d just go to the non-weights workout classes instead. Following COVID and the closure of gyms, I struggled to get back into it and was still only doing cardio when on the main gym floor.

3. How did you feel before your first strength and conditioning session?

I was a little nervous but nowhere near as anxious as I can be when having to go to new places or things! I was also excited to be trying something new that would improve my skills and enjoyment in the gym and get me exercising! Andy messaged me and offered a phone call before my first session to create that familiarity and make sure I was comfortable; he said “Hey Grace” as soon as I walked in the door.

4. How did you find working in a group?

I really enjoyed working in a small group. It was great to chat to people socially and also hear about their experiences of the gym and strength training. Everyone was very supportive and gave me great tips and guidance, whilst also helping me out with the equipment if I was unsure.

5. How did you find the Probalance gym?

The gym is in a very central location in Manchester city centre and just a short 10 minute walk from where I live, which is ideal. All the gym equipment is exceptionally good quality and there is a large variety of weights to choose from.

6. How was your experience working with a Personal Trainer?

Andy was incredible to work with. He is so down-to-earth and made me feel comfortable and at ease instantly. He is very knowledgeable and showed me how to do all the exercises properly, without being overbearing. Andy encouraged me to increase my weights each week, showing me what I was capable of and boosting my confidence significantly.

7. What was your favourite strength exercise?

My favourite exercise was the barbell squats. Having never done this exercise (or any barbell exercises) before I was so proud to be some ‘proper’ weightlifting; in all honesty I never saw myself doing that!

8. What was your highlight of the 6 week strength and conditioning course?

Definitely my confidence with strength training increasing. It feels so good to know that I now know how to lifts weights and can do so independently in the gym now (something I never thought I’d be able to do)! I no longer feel intimidated or embarrassed training in the gym around other people and now know that people don’t care what you’re doing! They’re focused on their workout, and you can focus on yours; there is no judgement!

9. Will you continue with weight training?

Absolutely! I am so proud to say that I now implement strength training into my gym workouts and enjoy the gym so much more because of this!

10. Would you recommend our strength and conditioning course?

I would definitely recommend this class to others, especially for those who are completely or fairly new to strength training. This class helped me learn how to set up bars, lift safely and effectively, and has ultimately (and most importantly) boosted my confidence immensely.

Are you Manchester based? If like Grace you are looking to build strength safely, we run a 6 weeks strength and conditioning course for either beginners or people wanting to have a check in on their weightlifting techniques. These are small group based sessions in our private gym studio on Jackson’s Row just off Deansgate. Ideal for those who are working in the city centre or want a more private gym. To find out more and for our next course dates please send Andy an email:

Edited by Jade Mottley - Sport Scientist and Nutritionist Performance For All


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