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Strength and conditioning: what’s it all about?

Strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning: what’s it all about?

As Christmas draws ever closer you’ve probably already started eying up the chocolate and mince pies lining the shelves of your local supermarket. And once the new year comes around, your resolution will probably be along the lines of ‘get fit, go to the gym, and lose weight’. Fast forward to February and despite a gym membership on your monthly bill it still hasn’t happened. However, fitness doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle; boot camps can make all the difference between staying in bed or staying healthy.

Boot camp

The January boot camp is a unique way to help you to start your fitness journey. Whether you’re trying to pursue fitness goals or are a serious athlete, everyone can benefit from strength and conditioning. It helps to improve overall physical performance and develops factors like speed, agility, and endurance. But what exactly is strength and conditioning?


During the 1970s, scientists suggested that to get better at sport, you had to do more than just participate. Instead of jogging – for example, if you were a runner – you should build strength in other ways to enhance your overall performance as well as getting stronger and healthier. Although it started as a way for athletes to do better, it quickly became a part of fitness culture as a whole. It’s not only a way to improve performance but also to help you achieve your fitness goals.

As its title suggests, ‘strength’ is about getting stronger. This doesn’t have to be all about building muscle, although it is a fantastic way to do that. It’s also a way to get stronger, be able to pick up weights for longer, run faster, and develop your overall endurance.

An effective workout

Working towards your fitness goals this way is a lot easier. Instead of spending time on a mish-mash of gym equipment, strength and conditioning makes working out easier. Whether you go straight for the weights or kettlebells, you’ll be doing a work out that is effective and helps you to see results quicker.

A significant benefit of strength and conditioning is it effectively helps you achieve your fitness goals or participate in sport as it’s renowned for reducing the risk of injury. Instead of running at high speed on the treadmill without any proper practice or build up, strength and conditioning helps to get you ready for bigger workouts.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone, build strength, or improve your performance, strength and conditioning is for you. There’s no excuse! Get ready for January’s boot camp and to be the best that you can be. Get in touch with us at Pro Balance on 0161 833 4777 to find out more.

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