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Starting your Training Again

There are no two ways about it. Our fitness habits are like snowflakes. No two peoples backgrounds are the same. Some of us would bleed ‘sport’ if you cut us. Others like that their version of a bicep curl is lifting the remote to change the channel. It isn’t a race or a competition to see who can do the most exercise. As long as there is some degree of fitness to keep maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. For those of us that have been dormant after years of activity, getting started again can cause a rollercoaster of emotions. That’s what one of our newest clients felt when she got started. We checked in with her to hear her story.

“I have been training with Andy for about two months now with one session a week. In the past, I was active for years. When I was about 21, I’d let myself go a little and was not remotely happy with my weight. As a result, I threw myself into fitness and healthy eating and never looked back. I’d cycle 20 miles a day too and from the office, with 5k runs on my lunch break and daily weight sessions. I was in great shape, really strong, and felt generally fit all the time. I loved to be out on the bike, once I cycled unaided from Bristol to Paris. Admittedly it was without a map, and I got lost and so ended up doing more mileage than I should. But it didn’t matter because I was geared for it. I also used to be an outdoor instructor, and so I was constantly doing sports on a daily basis keeping myself fit.

Then I went travelling and took 18 months off.

To say getting back into training again was a challenge is an understatement. I knew what I was once capable. So when I tried and failed to do the simplest exercise, it was frustrating. It was disheartening to know I’ve been better than that but now I couldn’t do it. My diet was out the window. My sleep patterns were awful, and I was always tired.

Andy has been a rock of support throughout the process. He recognised my frustrations instantly. He took me back to basics, focusing on technique and making sure my muscles were all working as they should. I could barely lift anything in the first couple of weeks, and I’d feel lightheaded quite quickly. He adapted my routine to suit me so that I could grow back into my workout regime. We started introducing cycling back into my daily routine. I have a four-mile journey to work. In the first few weeks, I’d have to get off and walk some of the hills on the way home. As time has progressed I feel myself getting a lot fit and miles healthier, then I was a few short weeks ago.

For me, getting started again was a massive mental block. I’m not ashamed to say I found it difficult. With Andy’s’ help, we broke through the barrier. Now I can feel myself improving dramatically with every session. I’ve gone from dreading going back to the gym to looking forward to my next session. My message to others that are nervous about getting started, my advice would be to just get on with it. You’re in good hands.”

Are you interested in getting back into a fitness regime but nervous about starting again? Don’t be. Our friendly trainers are on hand to help you along your journey. No matter your fitness history. Get in touch today to discuss your personal training options.

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