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Should I do Personal Training or group exercise classes?

Updated: Apr 4

Here at Probalance Health we offer a variety of exercise options to match personal health needs, cost and time availability. Let’s explore what are the best exercise programs for you for 2023.

At Probalance Health you can take part in 1:1 workouts or group exercise classes we offer:

  • Personal Training

  • Group Exercise Classes

  • Group Strength and Conditioning Classes

Our current clients at Probalance Health take part in 1 option or we have some who take part in multiple. Factors that may determine your type of exercise option include:

  • Level of gym knowledge - are you a beginner or frequent exerciser?

  • Type or size of goals - do you need gym equipment, 1:1 coaching, how long do you have?

  • Time availability - do you need a quick 45 minute class or a full 60 minute workout + travel

  • Location - do you live or work in Manchester city centre or do you need remote sessions?

  • Affordability - how much do you want to invest initially and for an ongoing basis?

Personal Training

Our Personal Training is delivered on a 1:1 basis offering you over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry in our private Personal Training studio just off Deansgate in Manchester city centre or the convenience of Zoom sessions right into your own home.

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Great for beginners to learn the foundations of exercise and movement

  • A dedicated workout space in the gym with a full range of equipment

  • Expert led exercise sessions that are planned for you and follow a progressive plan

  • Closely monitored sessions focusing on exercise technique and reducing the risk to injury

  • 1:1 basis for those who require a private opportunity to train

Group Exercise Classes

Our group exercise classes started back in the lockdowns on Zoom and offer a community feel to working out. Due to popularity and convenience they have stayed! Sessions offer a variety of bodyweight options or minimal equipment for those of us who don’t want weights lying around the home or need a quick turn the computer on after a busy day and join a class live.

Benefits Group Exercise Classes

  • A community based class that adds team motivation and commitment

  • Easy access to live Zoom classes for busy people who struggle with time

  • A convenient way to train and helps to reduce the excuses

  • An affordable way to have an introduce to exercise training or to continue after your Personal Training blocks

Strength and Conditioning Classes

We offer a 6 week strength and conditioning program for those who are looking to start lifting weights or need a check in on technique. Led by a Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry we share our best knowledge for lifting weights and creating a weekly routine you can continue with in your own workouts or move onto another exercise option like Personal Training or exercise classes.

Benefits of Group Strength and Conditioning Classes

  • Ideal for beginners learning to lift weights

  • An affordable introduction to exercise in 6 weeks

  • A group based class to have community support and motivation

  • Led by Personal Trainers to focus on techniques and reduce the risk to injury

To discuss the options with our Head Personal Trainer Andy, hit our contact page and Andy will give you a call and discuss the best options for you.

Written by Jade Mottley - Human Nutrition MSc & Sport Science BSc


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