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Bootcamps in the Winter? What Madness is This? 

Exercise! Fitness! Fresh air!

Probably the last things you want to hear as we edge into an icy March. With plummeting temperatures exceeding -3 this week, who can blame you?

Sometimes, when you’re struggling with your motivation, it can be hard to leave the house when you don’t have to. Nevermind jumping up to go for a jog or pushing some cold tyres around a car park. When someone suggests that you just need to “get a bit of good old fresh air”, it can seem like you’re in a nightmare.

However, this time of year can see spikes in a persons mood. Wanting to get out of bed can sometimes be the biggest challenge of the day. The last thing you want to hear is to put on your running shoes and find a nice a long path in the cold will make you feel better. It’s a vicious circle. The cold weather makes you want to stay inside your comfort zone, but fitness is the clear answer to alleviate any anxiety and depression and start to work off your winter body.

So whats the answer? Keeping your body active is a key element towards feeling better in your mind as well as your body. But who says you have to go outside?  Think about it. For example, if you are keeping a fitness routine each week, you’re giving yourself a reason to leave the house or keep to a schedule, and that’s good for your mind plus your body is getting the exercise and stimulation it needs.

While we aren’t disputing that boot camps are an excellent social activity to meet others and work in a group, do you really want to be outside in this weather?

Here at Pro-Balance, you get the benefits of 1-2-1 personal training and the comforts of being inside four-walls. We can set a fitness regime to fit your goals, without having to pick up pneumonia in the subzero temperatures outside. Give us a call today. Your fitness doesn’t have to stop just because it is the winter.

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