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Benefits of Gym Classes

If you are new to the gym or used to working out alone, you may be missing out on a whole load of benefits from working out in a group.

There are many benefits to group exercise or gym classes: extra motivation, gym expertise from the supervision of a Personal Trainer and all at a more affordable price than traditional Personal Training.

Starting anything new can be intimidating but when there is an added risk of injuring yourself this can add all the pressure. Whether you are a complete beginner to exercise and going to the gym or returning after some time off you may be wondering where to begin, what exercises to do first, what equipment you need, how to use it and how many times a week you should be training, this is where a pre planned class can already help!

If you struggle with self-motivation it can be hard to stick to your exercise routine no matter how big your goal is. Whether you want to return back to exercise after having a baby, running a marathon or improving your mental health, you can lose sight of the goal when things like work, family and long, dark nights get in the way. Booking yourself onto your gym classes 2-3 times a week can help you to commit to the bigger goal. Knowing you have a Personal Trainer waiting for you when you enter the gym to welcome you after a long working day or a group of fellow gym members to cheer you on when your head goes down and the session gets tough, that’s what helps you commit to your weekly workouts.

Working out alone can be hard to convince yourself to firstly do the workout and secondly continue to the end with the same intensity. When the struggle hits a gym class member pushing you on with extra motivation can be the difference between growth and progression and quitting.

Look to learn to lift weights? Our 6 week strength and conditioning course gives you all of the motivation, expertise and at an affordable price of just £99.

Written by Jade Mottley - Sport Science BSc & Human Nutrition MSc


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