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What makes a good personal trainer?

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the best career moves you can make. It gives you flexible hours outside the boring 9 to 5, it keeps you fit and healthy, and it’s enjoyable. Personal training is becoming even more flexible with technology like video calling, allowing you to give a personal training session from anywhere in the world. As a personal trainer, you can live the life you always wanted. But, this life doesn’t always come easy. Personal trainers are no longer hard to come by, and many are becoming much more accessible as prices are more affordable. Competition for clients is very real which means being merely OK at your job is not an option. Just like your clients, you have to put in the work to get good results. So what are the qualities that will put you at the top of the fitness world’s most wanted list?


Personal trainers have the power to shape someone’s mind and body. But with great power comes great responsibility. Your clients will trust you to keep them safe and injury free which is why you need to be on the top of your game. Constantly improve your knowledge of the human body, and never stop learning new techniques. Safety comes first in this industry to avoid any nasty long-term damage or lawsuits. Knowing what you’re doing when taking charge of someone else’s body protects your client and it protects you. It is good to have specialist knowledge on particular aspects of training. This can help you become the go-to trainer for whatever you specialise in, in your area. Generalist knowledge is useful, but it doesn’t set you apart from other trainers. Try and focus on an aspect you love.

Patience and Empathy

A good personal trainer will be able to understand how their clients are feeling and have the skills to power through any difficult situations. Clients come to a personal trainer because they want to see results. As we know, nothing comes easy and frustration at the lack of instant results can cause conflict. Good trainers will understand a client’s worries and be able to reassure them that the work they are doing will pay off. A little understanding goes a long way, calming clients and providing them with the motivation they need to power on.


When a personal trainer is authentic and has a passion for the work they are doing, they are more attractive to clients. When you love what you do, it shows and clients will believe in you. Not only will they trust you to help them reach their goals, but you also give them the confidence to believe in themselves.

Being a good role model

Being a personal trainer means being someone people look up to. Looking good and looking healthy are important. It shows clients you know what you are doing. But being a good role model is about more than looks. It is about mindset. Be positive and your clients will be positive with you. Be strong and your clients will be strong for you. Conduct yourself in a nice manner and your clients will stick with you.

At Pro-Balance we only hire the best personal trainers. Visit our facilities today to see why they are so good at what they do. Or contact us on 0161 833 4777, to book your personal training session with our expert team.

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