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Is reality TV changing how we view fitness?

is reality TV changing the face of fitness?

Is reality TV changing how we view fitness?

It’s difficult to escape from reality TV these days, but is it helping to inspire people of all ages to start their fitness journey?

Some people love it, some hate it, but either way, you can’t deny the power of reality TV. It gets us talking, and lately it’s motivating us to get on the treadmill.

The people on shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives, and Love Island may look glamorous thanks to their celebrity lifestyle (and no doubt a little bit of airbrush and Instagram filters), but that doesn’t stop the public from buying gym memberships, searching for workout inspiration and motivating them to get fit.

The Love Island effect

Recent studies show that the amount of people signing up for the gym increased when Love Island returned for another series. found that during the first week of the series’ return internet searches for gym memberships increased by 52%.

It’s hardly surprising considering everyone on the show walks around in their swimsuit – that’s enough to make the average Brit ditch their Friday night takeout and eat clean instead! In fact, 66% of the younger generation have been trawling the internet for healthy food plans since the show has returned.

Social media influence

What we watch undoubtedly impacts how we view fitness; however it goes beyond the TV screen. Social media fitness gurus are no doubt a source of inspiration when trying to lose weight. The many before and after pictures that appear on our Instagram feed can be a fantastic source of motivation and shows us what is possible when we set our mind to it. However, social platforms can also be used to promote unhealthy weight loss tactics.

A recent example of this is when Kim Kardashian was criticised for allegedly promoting an appetite-suppressing lollipop. Aside from lollipops being terrible for your teeth, suppressing your appetite is a terrible way to get healthy. Not only will you be denying yourself a basic human need by skipping food, you’re also cutting out vital nutrients as well as the essential food groups that keep your body functioning.

Distorting reality

Reality TV is a blessing if it really does help to improve the public’s health; however the Love Island contestants might not be as picture perfect as they appear to be. Before filming begins, they push themselves too far and eliminate carbs from their diet as well as cramming in as much exercise as possible.

It’s essential that your fitness journey begins with you. Inspiration is great, but don’t rely on it. Getting healthy shouldn’t only be based on physical appearance; exercise and a balanced diet can benefit your emotional health, your skin, and help to lower health risks.

Being aware of what we eat, drink, and how often we exercise is essential; fad diets and flimsy workouts won’t help you to be the best you can be.

If you are ready to get fitter for the right reasons, ProBalance can help you to understand the importance of diet and exercise to reach your goals. Get in touch with our expert team today by calling us on 0161 833 4777.

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