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Happy New Year and welcome to 2020- The Mindful Gastric Band Program

Would you believe we often gain an average of 7-12 pounds during the festive period and of course vow to remove it in the New Year? Does this sound familiar are you starting off the 2020 half a stone heavier?

I guess that wasn’t part of the plan, it normally isn’t for any of us but don’t worry, here at Pro-balance Personal Training Studio Manchester we have a new lifestyle package that includes Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Hypnotherapy, helping you to overcome the physical and mental barriers that we often face when getting back into routine at this time of year.

On average a quarter of people in the UK will fail at their New Year’s resolution in the first week and by the second week of January most will have failed and given up altogether. That sounds hard to believe right, but only 1 in 10 of us actually keep our resolutions for the full year.

Before you continue reading, we want you to understand that thousands of people may also be feeling how you do right now. Did your Christmas and New Year celebrations involve too much eating and drinking? It is so hard to maintain our own routines and self-care balance when our social and family lives have such a pull on us at this time of year.

Studies show that the weight you carry through year to year, you don’t always get off. If you put on 4lbs over Christmas this year, we may say “oh it’s not a lot” but if we do this year on year it could get out of our control and cause serious health problems and 2022, hello an unwanted stone! Can you see how easily these extra pounds can become an unhealthy problem?

Why do we gain weight then? It all comes down to habit, bad habits. Ever thought it’s dark so you’ll just go straight home after work and skip the gym; it’s raining so you don’t want to go for a run; it’s cold so you take the car instead of walking; it’s all of the above, it’s winter right! It doesn’t feel too bad the first time we do it, we make excuses to ourselves and then from there another one won’t hurt then it finally becomes your new habits and it is extremely difficult to undo and get back to routine.

How can we finally break the New Year failing trend? Behavioural scientists have said that the problem is that the New Year’s resolutions we set are too large and too vague; “lose weight” or “exercise more”. Weight loss is usually best achieved with diet and exercise, however if you’ve tried both of these and you are still struggling to meet your weight loss goals you may need to try other options or lifestyle changes.

Here at Probalance Personal Training Studio Manchester we are offering a new lifestyle package for 2020 including Personal Training, Nutrition and Hypnotherapy as studies have shown that hypnosis maybe more effective for people wanting to lose weight that just diet and exercise alone when it is a part of a full plan.

The Mindful Gastric Band Program

The Mindful Gastric Band Program alongside regular Personal Training and Nutrition consultations will help you to make those lifestyle changes you need to make more easily than ever before with a multi-professional team supporting you all the way here at Probalance Personal Training Studio Manchester.

The Mindful Gastric Band Program is a highly effective four-week Harley Street program with a 95% success rate to help you shift those unwanted pounds. In the first session our Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practioner  will make you believe that you have a gastric band fitted, which will help you to make the mind body connection that you know to stop eating when you are full helping to reduce portion sizes and stop unwanted snacking. Weight loss specialist Stephanie will help you to really listen to your body and gain control. From here the next three sessions focus on getting to the root causes of the weight issues using various techniques to access the subconscious mind.

Are you ready to access your powerful subconscious and finally change those unhealthy habits?

So how does Weight-Loss Hypnotherapy work?

Once you have identified something in your life or your behaviours that you want to change like losing weight, you can start to make a change. Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy can assess your subconscious mind, this is the part of your mind that has the answers and makes influences on the decisions you make, it is like your filing cabinet, it experiences everything with you and can be the reason you fail.

Hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation using your imagination and visualisation. Now you have identified the unwanted behaviours such as overeating you can make the change. Through Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapy you can access your subconscious mind and go back to the very first moment that influenced your behaviours for the day. Hypnotherapy can help you to access the memory to begin the healing process.

Hypnotherapy helps to give you the insight on how to make the change, your subconscious mind will only consider making a change if you really want it. Are you ready?

Author: Jade Mottley


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